Rösler History

Rösler is a brand originating in Bohemia and is now designed by Petrof in Czech Republic. Rösler dat


Rosler founder Gustav Rösler


1878 is often used as the founding date.
Gustav Rösler quickly made a name with good instruments.


When Gustav Rösler died, his widow Helena Rösler transferred the company to her brother Ludvik Gatter, who successfully continued it.


Around 1910 the company had more than 100 employees. Nearly a third of the production went to Vienna and furthermore exported to England and South Africa.


Gatter was able to increase the production of 100 instruments per year tenfolds to 1000 per year until Rösler, like all other piano companies, was hit by the war and the crisis years.


The First World War meant a loss of labor, broken trade relations and hard to find parts.


The Austro-Hungarian Danube Monarchy had disintegrated and in 1918 the first Czechoslovak Republic was formed.International trade relations were restored and there were again professionals and high-quality materials available.


Then the global crisis years followed. By 1929, more than 90% of all small Czech family businesses were destroyed.


After the establishment of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia in 1939, the production of instruments under the strict regime of the Nazis declined again.Well-trained Czechs were employed in the German war industry.


Manufacturers had to produce aircraft parts and ammunition boxes, making the piano into a by-product or even no longer being built.


However, the most beautiful Rösler pianos date from before World War II. Until the end of the Second World War, the company remained in the hands of the family and Ludvik Gatter’s sons Reiner and Walter led the company.


After the Second World War, practically all private companies were nationalized.Above the Piano and Organ factories, located in Hradec Králové, where companies such as Rösler, August Förster, Scholze, Rieger & Kloss were accommodated.


In 1948, after the communist takeover, a new state-owned company was established, Piano and Organ factories, located in Hradec Králové, where companies such as Rösler were accommodated.


In 1958, this company transferred to the music-producing company - Czechoslovakian Musical Instruments(CSHN). Employee motivation declined and distinctive character of the instrument brands was lost.


After the fall of the Iron Curtain, the privatization began and the quality of the instruments gradually improved. Petrof, among other things, took care of the brand Rösler.


Since 2006,Rösler pianos were designed by Petrof and has been produced as an instrument series in Hailun.