One of the company’s essential aims is to offer our customers a wide range of options so that everyone can choose his own instrument. Apart from the PETROF and ANT. PETROF brands, the firm also owns others that each represent its philosophy. Common to all of them is the rich history and timelessness of their design, which is conceived and developed by specialists from our design and technology centre in Hradec Králové. All those traditional brands that were produced in Czechoslovakia have gradually been included in PETROF’s portfolio. The tones of these beautiful acoustic grand and upright pianos give inspiration to every pianist who sits down to play them.

We ceremonially unveiled the first ANT.PETROF model after seven years of development in 2014 in honour of Antonín Petrof, who founded the firm in 1864. Over the next two years we completed the brand’s portfolio - it comprises two grand pianos (AP 275, AP 225) and one upright (AP 136). Only the most experienced of PETROF’s specialists are involved in its construction, using the best quality European materials and technology. The result is a timeless design and a unique sound, of particular appeal to the most discerning customers.


PETROF grand and upright pianos are traditional Czech products from Hradec Králové. The path of their development is a never-ending process, which has enabled these instruments to achieve high quality and world renown. The research and development department works unstintingly on their perfection, and almost 80% of manufacturing operations are carried out by hand. Since its founding in 1864, the company has produced more than 626,000 pianos under this famous name. Their characteristic rounded, romantic tone is backed up by variability of design and implementation. Due to the skill and expertise of its piano-making experts, the firm can always offer pianos in a number of series, including the time-tested Style Collection, or the innovative Special Collection.


One of the first instruments with the Dalibor name was built in 1905 in Zákolany near Kralupy nad Vltavou in central Bohemia. Instruments sold under the name of Ant. Dalibor boast the Certificate of European Excellence, which attests the European origin of their construction materials. Another feature is the high standard of processing, the work of our master piano-makers in the PETROF factory in Hradec Králové. Ant. Dalibor pianos are indeed worthy of the tradition of a land of musical geniuses - Antonín Dvořák, and Bedřich Smetana, to name but a few.


Let us all go back to the year 1887, when the artisan Gerhard Wein opened his organ-making workshop. In time he turned to piano-making, which proved to be the best decision: soon the reputation of Weinbach instruments had spread far beyond the borders of Europe. Its culitvated tone enraptured musicians and audiences all over the world, including North America. In 1956 PETROFplaced the Weinbach name in its portfolio, since when it has played an irreplaceable role.


Gustav Rösler founded the piano-making workshop of the same name in 1878. His factory was considered one of the most important of itts type in the entire Austro-Hungarian monarchy and he exported his instruments to 18 countries around the world. Today these splendid pianos continue to create a unique atmosphere. Rösler belongs to the PETROF Brand Family and currently enjoys great commercial success.


Franz Scholze, the founder of this brand, entered the piano industry owing to his admirable skill. He showed this by successfully shortening a neighbour’s piano at a time when he still had no experience in this field. After learning the trade, he founded the Scholze company in 1876. Now PETROF is continuing the tradition of this name.


The production history of this piano goes back to 1948, shortly after the second world war. The brand is named after the famous Czech composer Zdeněk Fibich, a younger contemporary of Smetana and Dvořák. He was a leading exponent of musical romanticism, and composed many operas, melodramas and symphonic poems. Today, these pianos bear his name on the lid with pride and reverence.


Production of the Akord upright began at PETROF in 1919, in the exciting postwar period, when one luxurious café after another was opening in Europe. Due to its construction and distinctive sound the AKORD might have been specially made for composers and singers such as Kurt Weill, Marlene Dietrich or Edith Piaf. The Akord name belongs to the PETROF Brand Family, although at present it is not in commercial use.